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I'm a recent graduate of Arizona State University where I earned my BS in Graphic Information Technology. I can help you build an amazing website that is clean, efficient, and resposive.

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In school I studied design, digital marketing, and branding. Whatever it is you need, i've got you covered.


Colors, icons, and everything else Let me help you craft a brand that defines you..

Web Design

I'm a web mage that crafts spells with colors, code, and coffee.


A website is useless if people can't find you. That's where SEO comes into play..


This is my portfolio image gallery. Ciick on any image to see more.

Web & UX Design

South Austin Gym
South Austin Gym website thumnail

South Austin Gym is a local boxing gym that offers mixed- martial arts and personal training. Heuristics testing revealed several UX and developer issues. I redesigned their website from the ground up, using personas, wireframes, protoyping, and applying modern web design principles. It was developed with Bootstrap 5. Click on the image above to see my redesign. See the original site to compare the two.

Recipe Blog Page
recipe thumbnail

A modern, one page web page prototype I cafted for a recipe blog. Using star ratings is a must for most article websites.

Photagraphy Website Homepage Design
Photo gallery thumbnail

A simple photo gallery website which showcases some of my work. This is just a simple prototype I created with Adobe Photoshop.

Atilax Design
atilax design website thumbnail

A modern, responsive reelancer website designed for a class project and using felxbox and grid. Atilax is a type of mongoose.

Dutch Bros Coffee
dutch brothers website thumbnail

Dutch Bros Cofee is a national coffee brand, with Starbucks being their largest compettitor. For a class assignemt I worked with a group of students to redesign their website. This included creating user personas and hueristc testing. We did not create a live site, just prototypes.

Chess Game Prototype
chess game prototype thumbnail

This was a school project for ASU where I was learning Adobe After Effects. The design represents a faux game called Chess King and this shows an interface I designed for a mobile app.

Graphic Design

UX Persona
ux persona thumbnail

Web and UX Designers create peronas at the early stages of a project. They are used for defining your target audience and as a reference when creating a design. I crafted this one with Adobe InDesign.

The Weeknd Poster
the weekend poster thumbnail

Poster design for a class projec using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator.

Lecutre Series Poster
contemporary poster design thumbnail

Many schools will hold seminars for a lecture series. I created this one for a class project using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator.

Bauhaus Poster Design
bauhaus poster thumbnail

Bauahus was an art movement from the early 20th century that began in Germany. I created this for a class project because I wanted to study this time period. This poster was based off a popular Bauhaus poster from artist Joost Schmidt.

Jimi Hendrix Poster
jimi hendrix poster thumbnail

Jimi Hendrix was one of the greatest guitarists who ever lived. I'm a big fan of his, and you'll see this theme repeated in my work. I created this with Photoshop for a class project.


Keith Richards
keith richards illustration

I like to practice drawing when I have spare time, which is hardly ever anymore. I've taken some drawing classes and continue to improve the more I practice.

Jimi Hendrix Illustration
jimi hendrix illustration

Another one of my illustrations. This was done with pencil and a sketch pad.

Animation & Video

Our Daily Walk
our daily walk short film thumbnail

This was for a video production class where I learned Adobe Premiere. This is a short film about my daily walk with my dog, Star. It was filmed in a day using an iPhone.

Chicago Bears Lower Third
chicago bears lower third thumbnail

Lower Thirds are common in TV. Typically you'll see them during sports games at the bottom of the screen listing player stats and scores. News programs use them often as well. I created this one for a class using Adobe After Effects.

Funny Dog Treat Commercial
funny dog commercial with german shepherd thumbnail

This was a faux commercial I made for a film class using Adobe Premiere. My dog, Star, loves Blue Wilderness Dental Bones, and I just happened to have an idea to create a funny commercial for my project. I ended up sending this to the company, Blue Buffalo, and they really loved it and showed it around the office. In appreciation, they sent me a box of treats for Star.

About Me

portrait of Sean Showalter

Sean Showalter

Web mage. I make magic with colors, code, and coffee.

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Hello! My name is Sean Showalter. I’m a freelance web designer and recent graduate of Arizona State University, where I got my BS in Graphic Information Technology.

Currently, I work as an Uber driver. In fact, it was via Uber that I began to attend college at ASU through a scholarship program that they offer.

I’ve lived in Austin, TX for 20 years now. I moved here from the DC area to pursue a music career. I have performed in and around Austin for the last two decades, but decided that I would like to get a career as a Web Designer and Developer.

I’ve also worked in the IT industry over the years as a developer, systems administrator, and a web designer.

Outside of work I still enjoy playing music, walking my dog, reading, playing games, and hanging out at coffee shops.

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